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Reliable Merchandise Pickup and Delivery - within 24 Hours!


National chains and independent retailers rely on Holt Express to meet the pickup and delivery needs of their customers. Every day, people purchase furniture; mattresses; treadmills; office desks; or various other items that are too large to transport in their personal vehicles. This is where our easy-to-use, on-line reservation system and network of contract professionals provides speedy, reliable pickup and delivery service.

Our goal is simple: pickup and deliver your valuable items as quickly and safely as possible!

By leveraging one of the largest and fastest growing Service Provider Networks, we strive for what we are best known for – exceptional delivery within 24 hours!

Due to the time of purchase, we can't always guarantee same day delivery, but we do guarantee your items will be picked up and delivered as quickly as possible, whether it’s the same day or the next morning.

Will your newly purchased merchandise require assembly? If so, we also assemble delivered items right at your home or office. Whether it’s a new desk, a bookshelf, a gas grill, or a swing set, we can get it assembled and ready to enjoy the same day it’s delivered!

CLICK HERE to use our on-line reservation system to easily schedule your Merchandise Delivery today!

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