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Delivery Pricing Policy


Delivery charges will vary depending on state, location, and specific job requirements. Standard and optional fees may include, but are not limited to the following:

Standard Pickup and Delivery: $60 base Pickup Fee plus $1.65 per mile, up to 35 miles. $2.65 per mile for each mile beyond 35 miles.

Standard Fee for Multiple Item Delivery: Up to 3 items included. $5 per item, beyond 3 items.

Standard Fees for Flights of Stairs: First flight of stairs is free. $5 for each additional flight of stairs.

Standard Consignment Shop Pickup: $20 Additional fee to move in-store items to accommodate pickup.


Optional Same Day Delivery: $25 Additional fee.

Optional After Hours Delivery: $25 Additional fee to deliver items after 5:00pm.

Optional Intermediate Stop/Pickup: $25 Additional fee to make a second stop in route to pickup an additional item.


Optional Haul-away Fees: Fees vary depending on the job, number of items being hauled away, and dumping service charges.

Optional In-house Moving Fee: Moving items to accommodate delivered items. Fee varies depending on scope of job and type of item(s) to be moved or rearranged.

Optional Protection Wrap: $20 Additional fee to wrap items in plastic wrap for protection.

Hassle-Free Insurance Available: $19.95 Insurance Policy covers up to $1,000 in damages.

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